Persistence in seeking better dermatological care

Finding the appropriate eczema treatment for you can include some trial and error. While this is common among people living with eczema, it can feel disappointing if a treatment approach isn’t as successful as you’d hoped.

It’s so important to keep persisting and seeking the appropriate management for your eczema. 


Your dermatology care team

A variety of healthcare professionals can offer different types of support in your search for management options that are right for you. It’s useful to know how these healthcare professionals differ and how you can access them.

How a conversation can break the cycle

Sometimes, revisiting your eczema management with a doctor may feel like the last thing you want to do, especially if you’ve been living with eczema for a few years. It can feel like you’re in a cycle you’re not quite sure how to break away from.

Research in dermatology has expanded the management options for many people living with eczema, so you may benefit from an updated management plan.

Learn how re-engaging with your care could be the key to breaking the cycle and make the most of living with eczema.


Know the impact
of your eczema symptoms

Knowledge is powerful - but it’s easy to miss the way a symptom of eczema affects you in those indirect, invisible ways. This could be anything from daily activities such as loading the washing machine, to socialising with friends or even trying to concentrate at work.

Use this intuitive tool to get a better understanding of atopic dermatitis and its impact on your day-to-day life

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