Set your atopic dermatitis goals

Eczema can stop you from doing simple everyday things, like taking a shower without pain, or sleeping through the night undisturbed. Being clear on what you want to achieve while living with dermatitis can help you shape the conversation with your doctor.

Self-belief is key; set your goals and begin to take control of your eczema. Looking into the future and visualising ambitions (big and small) can help you get the support you need in order to achieve them.

We recommend that you understand the impact of atopic dermatitis if you haven’t done so already, before starting Steps 2 and 3.

Uncover now: goal writing assistant

Sharing clear goals with your doctor may help them point you to various management options that suit you best. Goals may also keep you motivated and help you celebrate the small wins if things get hard. 

Use the Goal Writing Assistant to define these goals, visualise ambitions and map out your support network.

Persistence in seeking eczema care

Finding suitable atopic dermatitis management for you can include some trial and error. While this is common among people living with eczema, it can feel disappointing if a management approach isn’t as successful as you’d hoped.

It’s so important to keep persisting and seeking appropriate management for your eczema. Consider an unsuccessful treatment as an important stepping stone in finding the right management course for your eczema. 

Seeking support for your eczema care could lead to more effective management of your atopic dermatitis.

Three steps to start a conversation about eczema

We have put together three easy steps that can help you kick-start an essential conversation about eczema with your doctor.

This is the second step towards beginning a new conversation about eczema with your doctor. It’s followed by Step 3: prepare for your appointment to maximise time with your doctor.

As a reminder, the first step helped you understand the visible and invisible ways AD affects you.


Explore the three steps and find out why having a new conversation could be worthwhile for you.


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